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Healing is an alchemical elixir of scientific study,
intention & consciousness of the healer, precision of craft,
environment, and intention & consciousness of the patient. 



*late May to early June 2024 -- private sound healing events scheduled in New Brunswick and Maine

*Saturday June 29, 2024, 7-8pm -- IMMERSIVE GONG BATH MEDITATION

in Antigonish, NS suitable for adults, and children age 12+ if accompanied by an adult

$25 e-transfer in advance  Limited Tickets Available! 

to reserve your spot, email to confirm availability before sending e-transfer: 

Location and more information will be provided via email.


The practice of facilitating healing through sound is ancient and transcultural.

Today there are many different philosophies and approaches to using sound as healing. 

For instance, there are studies that point toward specific "healing frequencies", particular tones that address specific conditions, vocal chants to either expel negative influences or create positive outcomes, particular instrument sounds or drum beats that may have healing influence, and tuning forks used to balance an individual's biofield. 


Jenece offers immersive sound baths that combine deep respect and knowledge

of the craft of instruments and music, a healer's intuition, and skillful improvisation.

Her approach to using sound as a therapeutic medium is predominantly aimed at

creating an environment that activates and empowers the patient/participant's parasympathetic nervous system and its unlimited capacity to self-heal.


Jenece leverages 50+ years of study and practice of music and musical traditions from around the world. From this place of deep relationship with sound, she creates profoundly transformative events with all acoustic instruments and the original instrument of healing:

the human voice.


Relax into a musical journey where you will be immersed in deeply transformative sounds that support mind, body, and spirit in a sacred environment of possibility, healing, and joy.

Some Thoughts on Frequency and Consciousness

Everything in the universe is in motion -- and it is that motion that creates waves of vibration.

Waves of vibration/oscillation per unit of time = "frequencies".

The sense organs of the human body detect only a fraction of these frequencies.

The typical human ear can only detect temporal vibratory frequencies of about 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

What we usually call "sound" are vibratory frequencies that humans can hear. 


Other animals perceive lower and/or higher frequencies. Often we can feel  frequencies that our ears do not perceive as sound -- for example, if you lie on the ground you may feel the distant rumble of a train. Or you may feel vibrations from drums or loud speakers. Human eyes detect a spectrum of light waves that is different from the spectrum available to other beings. Our most sensitive scientific equipment can detect frequencies that seem undetectable by any sense organ of the human body. This certainly does not mean that such "silent" or "undetectable" frequencies do not affect us. The oscillation of molecules in an apple can be described in terms of frequency (oscillation per unit of time), as can the beating of a heart, nerve impulses, color, and molecules in medicines.

The right frequencies can heal. The wrong frequencies can destroy. 

Human consciousness is an endlessly fascinating mystery. Does consciousness have a frequency/frequencies? Do individuals' consciousnesses have unique frequencies? We do know that how we focus our attention and where we focus it greatly impacts our experience and outcome. We always participate in any healing intervention -- whether active or passive, some level(s) of our consciousness engages with any medicine or procedure. Perhaps we are engaging in modifying the frequencies of our consciousness?

What if we trained ourselves to be more conscious participants in this alchemizing of frequency into form?

Jenece offers:

  • immersive gong baths

                utilizing healing gongs, supported by singing bowls, chimes, bells, wooden instruments, voice, harp...​

  • private and group sound healing journeys

  • group vocal improvisation/sounding circles

Group sound healing events are offered in the Canadian Maritime provinces and in the Eastern United States.


Private and personalized group sessions

can be arranged by contacting:

(902)601-0032 or

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