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Teaching Philosophy & Approach

Jenece's teaching style is learner-directed and intuitive. In this approach, lessons evolve organically and draw from many sources to maximize the student's creativity, intent, and developing skill.

Jenece offers private and group teaching for students of all ages in music composition, voice, and vocal yoga.

VOCAL YOGA and classical Bel Canto voice technique form the foundation of Jenece's studio voice teaching. Voice work is perhaps the most personal and profound form of energy work and intrapersonal discovery.


VOCAL YOGA is a gentle but therapeutic and transformative beginner-friendly practice that fuses yoga postures, breath work, sound healing, voice science, and classical voice training. The Vocal Yoga practice is an invitation to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, become attuned to sensations in the body, and to become aware of stress responses and energetic blocks as they arise -- and ultimately to somatically acquire tools to return the body-mind to harmonic equilibrium. Through the practice of Vocal Yoga the student may discover greater vocal resonance and "presence", sing and speak with ease and without fatigue, develop enhanced authenticity, and unravel energetic blocks that have been holding back success, health, and wholeness. This practice can be of great benefit to singers (and those who have longed to sing!), public speakers, beginning and advanced yogis, and anyone interested in exploring the mind-body-spirit connections of the voice to unlock vitality, presence, joy, resonance, and vibrational healing.

Interested in Studying with Jenece?

How can I support your journey?

Are you interested in exploring the study of Music Composition, Voice, Vocal Yoga,  Reiki, or sound healing?

WORKSHOPS are often a great way to get started! If there are no upcoming workshops that fit your interest and schedule, please visit my CONTACT page to send me a message to explore how we might work together.

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