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Patients have described Jenece as:

compassionate, knowledgeable, dedicated, skilled, creative,

professional, intuitive, caring, open-minded, and experienced

"So grateful for JENECE GERBER ACUPUNCTURE WELLNESS today. Nothing like walking into an appointment hunched over in pain and walking out standing up tall, feeling like I could take on the rest of the day. "-- S.M.

"An elixir of science and spirituality; Jenece’s treatments transfuse profound wisdom, healing, and love. Facilitating holistic medicine architecturally, every session feels like a masterpiece of art. Each time I leave her calming presence, I am reminded that Earth Angels walk among us." -- C.W

"I have received amazing acupuncture sessions with Jenece. I have had acupuncture before, but never as thorough and informative as I have had with Jenece. She took the time to listen to my body and its needs and she applied her amazing intuitive skills to plan my personal treatment. I also learned helpful techniques that I can do at home to relieve the symptoms of Crohn’s and to stay healthy. Jenece brings in many facets of Chinese medicine with a calm and clear intention. I am confident that your acupuncture session with Jenece will be tailor made for what you need at this moment in your journey to better health." -- D.P.

"Jenece quickly became an integral part of my healthcare team.  Her professionalism, expertise and caring approach has done wonders for me and my long-term health issues." -- T.P.

"The day I visited Jenece at her clinic and experienced the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), was the day my life changed! The acupuncture treatments I have received, along with her knowledge, understanding and support has practically eliminated the pain I had been experiencing since before and after total hip replacement surgery in 2022. It has helped me lose weight, has renewed my sense of self worth, and given me hope and enthusiasm for the future. I am now living the best life I know how, doing things that a short while ago seemed unlikely if not impossible! Anyone can benefit from a visit to Jenece's clinic. The amazing treatments and the attention she gives her clients, goes well beyond anything I have otherwise experienced." -- E.M. 

"I did know about acupuncture being good for pain. It wasn’t until I read about all the other health benefits of acupuncture on Jenece Gerber’s website that I decided to give it a try. I haven’t been disappointed. She has helped me with many issues like hot flashes, foggy brain, trouble sleeping etc. After I had Covid for the second time Jenece was able to get me through many of the after effects of Covid. If you are looking for a new path to better health Jenece can treat & guide you in a professional, relaxing, and caring environment." --P.M.

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